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Body Sugaring Hair Removal

it will extract and exfoliate - body sugaring - nourish quality spa and skin clinic

It will extract and exfoliate

It will extract and exfoliate the dead skin cells, helping to free ingrown hairs.

Sugaring hair removal or Sugar Waxing is an antique method of hair removal dating back to 1900BC.

It involves the use of a sugar paste (made of sugar, lemon and water) that is applied to the area with the hand. The paste is spread against the hair growth and pulled in the direction of the hair growth.

The sugar paste seeps into the follicle lubricating the hair. This helps remove the hair from the root with less breakage than with traditional waxing. Because the hair is pulled it the same direction of the hair growth, it is less painful than waxing and there are less in growns. The Body Sugaring technique also debilitates the hair growth and overtime it results in finer, sparser regrowth.
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Because Sugar paste only sticks to the hair and not the skin, it is a perfect hair removal method for people with sensitive skin as it is far less likely to cause irritation. The Sugar paste is applied at body temperature, it is not hot like wax, and therefore you will never be burnt by Sugar. This factor alone provides for a much more comfortable treatment as the skin is not heated prior to ripping out hair.

Sugar paste is completely natural. It is made from sugar, lemon juice and water. It is applied by hand in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This application ensures that the sugar is able to seep into the follicle, therefore lubricating it prior to removal and providing a much more gentle extraction. After the Sugar is moulded onto the desired area, it is quickly flicked off in the opposite direction, taking with it the hair and the dead skin. You are left with silky smooth skin.